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Improves the functions of the ovaries. 

Helps to improve ovarian function allowing for development of better quality   eggs and strong healthy embryos . 

Can also regulate estrogen and progesterone levels thereby thickening the lining of the uterus.

Research indicates increased blood flow to the uterus can help promote follicular development and also implantation of embryo. 

Can help the ovaries to respond better to the stimulating drugs by producing more follicles and good quality of eggs. 

Can help the ovaries at least double the number of follicles as well as significantly enhance the embryos quality and quantity .  

High FSH  levels indicate poor ovarian function .Acupuncture is able to decrease the FSH levels by regulating the hormones and the functions of the ovaries .

Clinical protocols 

Acupuncture is very successful in treating many gynecological disorders that accompany and contribute to infertility such as irregular menstruation, amenorrhea ,endometriosis, uterine fibroids  and heavy bleeding due to anovulation .

Along with physical complications and imbalance of hormones, these disorders can affect a patient’s ability of become pregnant .

By treating the root causes of infertility, some patient may become pregnant naturally during the preparation time .

For others, the chance of successful IVF outcome is significantly increased .

Strengthen the immune system and reduce stress 

Approximately half of chemical pregnancy miscarry. Therefore one of the key treatment  is to strength the patient’s immune system through acupuncture. Many patient using IVF drugs experience side effects and high levels of stress associated with trying to get pregnant . Extremely helpful in reducing stress and alleviating  side effects which helps the patient be calmer and more at ease . Relaxing the patient helps prevent the uterus from contracting , thereby improving the implantation process and preventing miscarriage .

Improves semen quality and quantity

Sperm maturation is a process taking between 70 to 90 days . It is also important for male patient to prepare for IVF during this time  period .

Can help male patient improve the quality and quantity of semen. In so doing the health of embryo improves, which in turn reduces the risk of miscarriage .

Diet and life style

In acupuncture, diet and exercise are seen as important components in maintaining health .Dietary suggestion includes a reduction in cold drinks and raw foods as well as limiting the intake of ice cream ,chocolate and coffee. Cooking chicken soup with ginger beans and vegetables and including this in the diet to help nourish the uterus.  Fish soup with ginger to improve the quantity and quality of semen. In addition it is important to eat meals on regular schedule. Exercise is another beneficial life style change that relieves stress and can improve the health of the body and, thereby, increase the chances of getting pregnant . Exercises include yoga and meditation .